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Megadeth Cut Short San Salvador Show After Severe Rainstorm

Mother Nature had her way with Megadeth Friday night (Aug. 26) in San Salvador, El Salvador. The band was forced to cut short their scheduled show after just two songs after a severe rainstorm drenched the stage.

The band posted video of their performance at the show as can be seen above. As they approach the stage, you can hear the wind whipping through the microphones and it’s not long after they take the stage at the Estadio Jorge Magico Gonzalez that the skies opened up.

After performances of “Hangar 18″ and “The Threat Is Real,” the band exited the stage, and as can be seen is a series of tweets, singer Dave Mustaine wasn’t exactly happy with how things were handled.

He stated via Twitter that he was sorry the rains came, and that they would plan to make up the show. He added that with the lightning coming down and the rain ruining their gear, they decided to shut things down, but the promoter refused to tell the fans.

Megadeth will head to Mexico for dates through Sept. 4, then kick off a run of U.S. shows in mid-September that will take them through mid-October.

VIA Loudwire

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